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The Mapmakers
Mapmakers draw new maps of growing local communities.
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July 2, 2007
Map It! Inc. is currently drawing new maps for five local cities, one being Great Harbor. Each city is being mapped by a different veteran mapmaker, who has already drawn a large number of maps for Map It!; however, no two of the mapmakers has made the same number of maps. From the clues that follow, you should be able to map out the full name of each mapmaker, the local city which he is now mapping, and the number of maps he has made in his career at the company.

  1. The five have collectively drawn a total of 800 maps for Map It! Inc., with 50 being the fewest drawn by any of them.
  2. Jeff has drawn twice as many maps as Bridges, who has made 50 more maps than the man now mapping Clear Falls.
  3. The man now drawing the Summerset map isn't Atlas.
  4. McNally has drawn twice as many maps as Fred, who has made 50 more than the mapmaker presently working on Three Rivers.
  5. The man drawing the map of Highpoint has drawn 100 more maps than Ferry has.
  6. Mapmaker Street, who isn't Jeff, has made more maps than Rick.
  7. Walt, who isn't McNally, isn't the one currently working on the Three Rivers map.
  8. Eric has not yet reached his goal of winning Map It!'s coveted Quarter Award, given to a mapmaker who draws 250 maps in his career.

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