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A Walk on the Wild(life) Side
A walk in the park for the Woods family means seeing six different wild animals.
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June 25, 2007
On a Saturday walk through Moon Mountain State Park, the Woods family saw six different wild animals, including a skunk which caused them to immediately change direction. Each animal was first spotted by a different one of the Woods six children, and each animal was sighted at a different locale in the park, one at Rainbow Creek. From the clues below, you should be able to find the order in which the family saw the animals on their Walk on the Wild(life) Side: the child who first spotted each animal and where in the park it was seen.

  1. The locale where Daniel first sighted an animal, which wasn't the porcupine, wasn't Flat Rock.
  2. In consecutive order first-to-last, Erin sighted an animal, another child spotted a tree frog, and an animal was seen at Flat Rock.
  3. The sighting at Blue Bluff wasn't made by Maria.
  4. Immediately after one Woods child sighted an animal at Deep Spring, Owen spotted another animal--not the red fox.
  5. Neither the red fox nor the tree frog was spotted at Laurel Grove.
  6. One child sighted a raccoon later during the walk than Casey sighted an animal but earlier in the walk than Daniel first saw an animal.
  7. Randy's sighting was of neither the raccoon nor the red fox.
  8. The place where one child sighted a deer wasn't Salt Marsh.
  9. At three of the sightings--Erin's, the one on Salt Marsh, and the porcupine--Mrs. Woods got good pictures of the animals.
  10. Consecutively first-to-last, one Woods child saw an animal in Laurel Grove, another sighted a porcupine, and Randy spotted an animal.

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