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A Walk on the Wild(life) Side
A walk in the park for the Woods family means seeing six different wild animals.
June 25, 2007
Three consecutive animal sightings are given in each of clues 2 and 10, so there is some overlap between the clues or all six children are named between the two clues. The only possible overlaps are that Erin spotted the porcupine--no (clue 9)--or the tree frog was spotted in Laurel Grove--also no (5). Therefore, all six animal sightings are named between clues 2 and 10, and either Erin's sighting in clue 2 or the Laurel Grove sighting in clue 10 was the 1st one. Trying the Laurel Grove sighting as the 1st one, the porcupine would have been the 2nd animal spotted, Randy would have been 3rd to see an animal (10), Erin would have been 4th, the tree frog would have been seen 5th, and the 6th sighting would have been at Flat Rock (2). Since Daniel's sighting wasn't at Flat Rock (1), by clue 6, he would have spotted the tree frog. Since Randy isn't the child who first saw the raccoon (7), in clue 6, Erin would have spotted the raccoon. The red fox wasn't the animal sighted at Laurel Grove (5) nor by Randy (7); the red fox would have been seen at Flat Rock. Then by clue 4, Owen would have seen the porcupine--but the 1st sighting would have been at both Deep Spring and Laurel Grove, a conflict. So, in clues 2 and 10, Erin was 1st to spot an animal during the walk, followed by the tree frog sighting 2nd, the sighting at Flat Rock 3rd (2), the Laurel Grove sighting 4th, the porcupine the 5th animal seen, and Randy making the final animal sighting (10). Since Daniel isn't the child who first saw the porcupine (1), by clue 6, Daniel made his sighting in Laurel Grove, with Casey then spotting the tree frog and the raccoon seen at Flat Rock. The red fox wasn't the animal sighted at Laurel Grove (5) nor by Randy (7); Erin first saw the red fox. By clue 4, Casey saw the tree frog at Deep Spring, and Owen spotted the raccoon. By elimination, Maria first saw the porcupine. By clue 9, Randy's animal sighting was on Salt Marsh--of a skunk (8). Daniel sighted the deer. By clue 3, Maria saw the porcupine at Rainbow Creek; and Erin saw the red fox at Blue Bluff. In sum, the children saw animals in their Walk on the Wild(life) Side in order as follows:

  • Erin sighted a red fox at Blue Bluff
  • Casey sighted a tree frog at Deep Spring
  • Owen sighted a raccoon at Flat Rock
  • Daniel sighted a deer in Laurel Grove
  • Maria sighted a porcupine at Rainbow Creek
  • Randy sighted a skunk on Salt Marsh

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