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Fairy Tale Ferris Wheel
The Fairy Tale Ferris Wheel is a big attraction at Mother Goose Land.
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August 7, 2006
Last Saturday at Mother Goose Land, families thronged the park to ride the many children's attractions, including the popular Fairy Tale Ferris Wheel. The Fairy Tale Ferris Wheel has six chairs, each with a different character theme; the chairs are arranged so that each is at the end of one of the three arms of the wheel. On the ferris wheel's first ride of the day, each of six sister-and-brother pairs, including Jeremy and his sibling, rode one of the chairs, with the six pairs getting on the chairs in consecutive clockwise order 1st-6th and then off in the same order. Given the clues below, can you find which chair each pair of siblings rode and the order in which the cars were boarded 1st-6th.

  1. As Chad and his sister were getting into the chair they rode, Kendra and her brother were in the chair at the top of the wheel.
  2. Levi and his sister didn't ride the Cinderella or the Snow White chair.
  3. Ian and his sister weren't aboard the Three Little Pigs.
  4. In consecutive order first-to-last, these three sibling pairs got on the Fairy Tale Ferris Wheel: the pair who rode in the Pinocchio chair, Erica nd her brother, and Levi and his sister.
  5. Chad and Heather aren't brother-and-sister.
  6. Nick and his sister boarded one chair immediately before another sibling pair got aboard Little Red Riding Hood.
  7. As Ashley and her brother got off the ride, the sister-brother pair in the Snow White chair were at the top of the ferris wheel.
  8. Daniel and his sister boarded the ride immediately before Michelle and her brother did.
  9. As one sister-brother pair got out of the Ugly Duckling chair, Heather and her brother were sitting at the top of the wheel.
  10. Ashley and her brother weren't in the Pinocchio chair.
  11. Britney and her brother got off the ride immediately after the pair in the Cinderella chair got off.

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