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Trick or Treat
Great costumes make trick-or-treating even more fun.
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October 31, 2005
For Halloween trick-or-treating tonight, five 5th grade friends, including the Krueger girl, decided that rather than get new costumes or wear last year's they would exchange their outfits from last Halloween among themselves so that each would have a "new" costume for the event. Given the clues below, can you unmask each girl's full name, the costume she wore last year, and who she is going trick-or-treating as this Halloween?

  1. The five trick-or-treaters are Carrie, the Myers girl, the girl who went trick-or-treating last year as the Bride of Frankinstein, and the girls who are wearing the Princess Leia and Xena costumes this year.
  2. Alice, who isn't the Lugosi girl, is masquerading as the Wicked Witch tonight.
  3. The Hitchcock girl's costume for this year isn't the one Erin wore last Halloween.
  4. The one who is dressing up as Princess Leia tonight, who isn't Dana Price, didn't wear the Xena costume last year.
  5. Betsy, who isn't the Myers girl, didn't wear the Wicked Witch outfit last year.
  6. The one going trick-or-treating tonight as the Bride of Frankinstein isn't Carrie.
  7. The Lugosi girl isn't the one who wore the Cinderella costume last Halloween.
  8. The girl who wore the Princess Leia costume last year, who isn't the Lugosi girl, isn't dressing as Xena this year.

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