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Trick or Treat
Great costumes make trick-or-treating even more fun.
October 31, 2005
The five girls are given in clue 1: Carrie, the Myers girl, the girl who wore the Bride of Frankinstein costume last year, and the girls who are going as Princess Leia and Xena this year. Since Carrie isn't wearing the Bride of Frankinstein costume this year (clue 6), the Myers girl is. By clue 2, Alice is wearing the Wicked Witch costume this year, so she must have gone trick-or-treating as the Bride of Frankinstein last year. By elimination, Carrie is going as Cinderella. By clue 4, Dana Price's costume this year is the Xena one. Betsy isn't the Myers girl (5), so Erin is; Betsy is going as Princess Leia. By clue 8, either Carrie or Erin Myers went trick-or-treating last year as Princess Leia. If Carrie had, then by clue 4, Erin Myers' costume last year would have been the Xena one. By clue 5, Dana would have gone as the Wicked Witch last year, with Betsy then dressing as Cinderella last year. Neither Alice (2) nor Betsy (7) would be the Lugosi girl, who would be Carrie. However, by clue 8, the Lugosi girl did not go as Princess Leia last year. In clue 8, then, Erin Myers wore the Princess Leia costume last year. By clue 4, Carrie went as Xena last year. Then Betsy went as Cinderella and Dana as the Wicked Witch (5). Neither Alice (2) nor Betsy (7) is the Lugosi girl, who is Carrie. By clue 3, Alice is Hitchcock and Betsy Krueger. In sum, the five girls traded Halloween costumes between last year and this as follows:

  • Alice Hitchcock, Bride of Frankinstein to the Wicked Witch
  • Betsy Krueger, Cinderella to Princess Leia
  • Carrie Lugosi, Xena to Cinderella
  • Dana Price, the Wicked Witch to Xena
  • Erin Myers, Princess Leia to Bride of Frankinstein

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