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Athletes for Katrina Relief
KORT-FM auctions sports gear from Summerset pro stars to raise funds for Katrina victims.
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September 19, 2005
Last Friday, Summerset all-sports station KORT-FM raised money for Katrina relief by auctioning five different items of sports gear over the air. Each item was donated by a different professional athlete, and each was personally autographed and delivered by the player to the person who bid for it. Given the information that follows, can you find each athlete's full name (one first name is Rich, one last Brown), the item he gave to the auction, and how much the gear went for in the bidding?

  1. Jason's gear brought in twice as much as Armstrong's item.
  2. Wilcox's donation sold for $3,000 more than the size 18 basketball sneakers given by the Stuffers star center.
  3. Ben, who isn't Armstrong, isn't the pro hockey player.
  4. Harper's donation and the Summerset Stallions #7 football jersey both were bought by Stanley's Super Sports Saloon.
  5. Tom's item sold for twice as much as the hockey stick given to KORT-FM by the Speeders goalie.
  6. Jason isn't the Summerset Smashers pitcher who gave a baseball glove to the auction.
  7. Alex's donation sold for $1,000 more than Cramer's, which brought in a high bid $1,000 more than the crash helmet given by the NASCAR driver.
  8. No two of the sports items went for the same amount of money, with the item selling for the lowest sum going for $3,000 and the item going for the highest amount netting $10,000 for Katrina victims; Ben's item didn't bring in the highest bid.

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