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Athletes for Katrina Relief
KORT-FM auctions sports gear from Summerset pro stars to raise funds for Katrina victims.
September 19, 2005
By clue 1, Jason's gear brought in twice as much as Armstrong's; while by clue 5, Tom's equipment went for twice as much as the hockey stick. If Tom were Armstrong, by clue 8, the hockey stick would have gone for a minimum of $3,000, with Tom Armstrong's donation then bringing in at least $6,000 (clue 5) and Jason's gift at least $12,000--no, since the most any of the five went for was $10,000(8). Similarly, if Jason had given the hockey stick, Armstrong's item would have made at least $3,000 (8), Jason's hockey stick $6,000 (1), and Tom's gift $12,000 (5)--again, no (8). So, since no two items went for the same amount (8), four different athletes are given between clues 1 and 5: Jason, Armstrong, Tom, and the hockey player. Since Ben isn't Armstrong or the hockey star (3), Ben is the fifth player to the four named. Ben's item didn't go for the high of $10,000 (8), so either Jason's or Tom's did. If Tom's had gone for the high of $10,000, the hockey stick would have brought in $5,000 (5). If Alex in clue 7 were Armstrong, his item would have made at least $5,000, so that Jason's would have sold for at least $10,000 (1), impossible by clue 8. If Alex were the hockey player, then Cramer's item would have brought in $4,000 and the crash helmet $3,000 (7). Cramer couldn't be Jason, or Armstrong's gear would have made only $2,000 (1); Cramer would be Ben. Armstrong would be the NASCAR driver who gave a crash helmet, with Jason's item then going for $6,000 (1). However, there is no way for clue 2 to work given this arrangement. Therefore, Jason's item brought the high bid of $10,000, with Armstrong's netting $5,000 for Katrina victims. If Alex in clue 7 were the hockey player, his item would have made at least $5,000, so that Tom's would have sold for at least $10,000 (5), impossible by clue 8. So, Alex is Armstrong and Rich, by elimination, gave the hockey stick. By clue 7, Cramer's item went for $4,000 and the crash helmet for $3,000. The latter can't be Tom's gift, or the hockey stick would have sold for $1,500 (5); Ben donated the crash helmet. Tom also can't be Cramer, or the hockey stick would have gone for $2,000 (5); Cramer is hockey player Rich. Then Tom's item sold for $8,000 (5). By clue 2, Tom is Wilcox; and Alex Armstrong gave the size 18 basketball sneakers. Jason gave KORT-FM the football jersey and Tom gave the baseball glove (6). Jason is Brown and Ben Harper (4). In sum, Friday's sports auction raised funds for Katrina relief efforts as follows:

  • Jason Brown, football jersey, $10,000
  • Tom Wilcox, baseball glove, $8,000
  • Alex Armstrong, basketball shoes, $5,000
  • Rich Cramer, hockey stick, $4,000
  • Ben Harper, crash helmet, $3,000

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