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The Wodgeweed Thimbles
Noted English characters decorate thimbles in a 3x3 curio box.
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January 3, 2005
Among Georgia George's favorite knickknacks are nine Wodgeweed thimbles, which she keeps in a 3x3 curio box. Each thimble is a different color and each is overlaid in white with a different person or character associated with England, one with Robin Hood. From the description of the contents of the box below, can you determine which thimble--its color and character--is in each of the nine spaces in the curio box?

  1. The yellow thimble is in the box directly above the Henry VIII thimble, which occupies one of the four corner positions.
  2. The William Shakespeare and the black thimble are in the same box row.
  3. The Winston Churchill thimble is directly to the right of the blue thimble.
  4. Georgia's favorite thimble, the one of Sherlock Holmes, touches (i.e. horizontally, verically, or diagonally) the black and orange thimbles, which are in the same box column.
  5. On the upper-left-to-lower-right diagonal of the box, the Diana, Princess of Wales thimble is one cell to the lower right of the green thimble.
  6. The Beatles thimble, which isn't orange, is left of the brown thimble in one row.
  7. The pink thimble is directly above the King Arthur one.
  8. On the upper-right-to-lower-left diagonal of the box, the purple thimble is one cell to the lower left of the Charles Dickens thimble.
  9. The blue and green thimbles are in different columns of the box.
  10. The red thimble doesn't have Henry VIII on it.

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