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The Gazat Survey
Food critic Gregory Gazat reviews five area restaurants.
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July 12, 2004
Last week, Summerset Sentinel food critic Gregory Gazat dined at five different local eateries, visiting each on a different evening Monday-Friday and giving each a different rating of - in the published in yesterday's newspaper. Given the bill of fare below, can you decide on what day Gazat dined at each restaurant and the rating he gave it?

  1. The biggest difference between ratings Gazat gives restaurants he visited on consecutive days is .
  2. The evening after having veal scaloppine at Bella Luna, Gazat dined at the restaurant he rates --which isn't Chez Fernand.
  3. The evening Gazat tried the pepper beef sizzling platter at the Jade Garden, which doesn't earn his rating, wasn't Thursday.
  4. On consecutive nights, the critic visited the restaurant he awards and then dined on chicken tikka masala at the Khyber Pass.
  5. The evening after having crab imperial at the Bayside Inn, Gazat ate at the restaurant he rates as .
  6. The restaurant meriting isn't the Bella Luna.
  7. The Khyber Pass gets more than .

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