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Elvis Sightings
Galactic tabloids report sightings of the King on various planets.
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April 21, 2003
While waiting for a hydroshuttle at Rattatattoo Spaceport, Kirk Spock, Milky Way Candy's sales rep for the Farout Star system, noticed that each of five deep space tabloids was reporting a sighting of Elvis Presley on a different planet of the galaxy. After reading all five stories, including the one of the King driving a Pink Taxillac on one world, Spock knew they couldn't all be right since the five different dates were too close in time for Elvis to have traveled from one place to another. Given the information below, can you solve the Challenger Logic Puzzle of the Elvis Sightings: on what date each occurred, the tabloid reporting the event, what the King was doing at the time, and the planet on which he was spotted?

  1. The Elvis Presley sighting reported in the News of the Milky Way story happened 4 days before the sighting of the King playing Ratiug in a skiffle band on one planet; the latter sighting occurred 8 days before Elvis was spotted on the planet Upleto.
  2. The sighting reported in Orbit was earlier in the month than the one on iiBluahewa, which isn't the planet where Elvis was seen working as a platinum miner.
  3. The Elvis sighting on the planet Landograce happened 10 days before the sighting featured in the Weekly Planet.
  4. The sighting on Casprilli isn't the one of Elvis as a guard at the Rock Jailhouse or the one of Elvis working in a platinum mine.
  5. Elvis was seen working as a short order cook at the Fried Sananab Grill on one planet 5 days before he was sighted according to the story in Galaxy.
  6. The sighting reported by the Universal Enquirer occurred 3 days before the King was seen on the planet Revenrowon.
  7. The first of the five sightings occurred on 8 Asimova and the last 14 days later on 22 Asimova.

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