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Breakfast Scramble
A different breakfast for each Kellogg kid keeps Mom scrambling.
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September 2, 2002
Mrs. Kellogg believes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so she insists that the five Kellogg children, including Brad, each have three items--a cereal, a toaster product, and a juice--to start the day. This morning, as it turned out, no two of the children ate the exact same item as part of their three-course breakfast. Given the menu below, can you determine what each Kellogg kid ate this a.m.?

  1. Neither Chad nor his sibling who ate the Rice Krispies is the one who had pita bread from the toaster.
  2. Neither David nor Erica drank the glass of pulp-free orange juice.
  3. The Kellogg kid who had an English Muffin with butter and strawberry jam didn't combine it with V-8 juice.
  4. The one who chose Count Chocula and cran-grape juice didn't also have the Cinnamon toast.
  5. The sibling who drank tomato juice didn't eat the English muffin or the bagel with cream cheese.
  6. Neither the child who ate the pita nor the one who had Lucky Charms is the Kellogg kid who picked V-8 juice for breakfast today.
  7. David had Cinnamon toast and apple juice yesterday, so he picked neither this morning.
  8. Chad didn't have Lucky Charms as his cereal.
  9. Alison enjoyed a bowl of Fruit Loops for breakfast; neither the pita nor the Cinnamon toast accompanied the Fruit Loops with her meal.
  10. The child who had Rice Krispies didn't have V-8 or Cinnamon toast along with the "Snap, Crackle, and Pop" cereal.
  11. The Kellogg kid who picked Alphabits--not Chad--chose neither apple nor tomato juice to accompany the cereal.
  12. One had a toasted blueberry Pop-Tart to start today.

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