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Breakfast Scramble
A different breakfast for each Kellogg kid keeps Mom scrambling.
September 2, 2002
By clue 9, Alison had Fruit Loops cereal for breakfast this morning. Chad isn't the one who ate Rice Krispies (clue 1), Lucky Charms (8), or Alphabits (11), so he had Count Chocula--with cran-grape juice (4). The Kellogg child who enjoyed a pita didn't have Count Chocula or Rice Krispies (1), Lucky Charms (6), or Fruit Loops (9) with it and thus ate Alphabits. The one who ate toast this morning didn't combine it with Count Chocula (4), Fruit Loops (9), or Rice Krispies (10) and therefore had Lucky Charms. The Kellogg who ate Alphabits didn't combine Alphabits with V-8 (6), tomato, or apple (11) juice and drank orange. The child who had V-8 didn't have Lucky Charms (6) or Rice Krispies (10) and thus is Fruit Loops-eating Alison. By clue 2, neither David nor Erica drank orange juice this a.m., so Brad had a glass. David didn't have the toast (7), so Erica did, with Lucky Charms; David ate Rice Krispies--with tomato juice (7). Erica had apple juice for breakfast this morning. The English muffin didn't go with V-8 (3) or tomato (5) juice; Chad had it with cran-grape. Finally, Alison ate a bagel (5) and David a Pop-Tart (12). For breakfast, the Kellogg kids had

  • Alison - Fruit Loops, bagel, & V-8
  • Brad - Alphabits, pita, & orange
  • Chad - Count Chocula, English muffin, & cran-grape
  • David - Rice Krispies, Pop-Tart, & tomato
  • Erica - Lucky Charms, Cinnamon toast, & apple

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