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Main St.--Then and Now
The stores on Main St. in 1952 and today.
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June 3, 2002
The Summerset Daily Democrat recently published a retrospective of the town 50 years ago, featuring pictures of the north side of Main St. in 1952 and today. None of the six stores in the block--numbered 101, 103, ... 111 in order west-to-east--has the same occupant now as it did then. Given the captions below, can you deduce the business that occupied each address in the block 50 years ago and the business that operates there in 2002?

  1. The building now occupied by the 4-star Hunan Manor Chinese Restaurant is next to the storefronts that housed Hershey's Soda Fountain and Parr's TV Sales & Service in 1952.
  2. The buildings now occupied by the Second Time Around consignment store and a Starbucks coffee franchise are adjacent to the building formerly occupied by Grey's Bus Depot.
  3. 24-Hour Fitness, which isn't in one of the end buildings in the block, isn't in the building where Parr's TV sold black-and-white sets 50 years ago.
  4. The new Blockbuster video is in the building next door to where Truman's Men's Store outfitted Summerset men and boys in 1952.
  5. Second Time Around isn't in the old Mayer's Butcher Shop spaces.
  6. The Hunan Manor isn't at the address formerly occupied by Grey's Bus Depot.
  7. Dell Computers is in the building situated next to those where Mayer's Butcher Shop and Robinson's Sports Shop did business in 1952 Summerset.
  8. Starbucks, which isn't in either the building once occupied by Hershey's Soda Fountain or the one occupied by Parr's TV, isn't located in either of the stores at the ends of the block.
  9. Truman's Men's Store didn't have the address 109 Main St.

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