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Five friends double dare each other into getting tattoos in this easier Logic Problem.
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April 22, 2002
Last weekend, five high school friends were driving through downtown Summerset when they spotted Toto's Tattoos. One said to the driver, "I'll bet you're afraid to get a tattoo." The driver replied, "Well, your mother won't let you get one." One dare led to another, and another to a double dare, etc., until the five went into Toto's and each ended up going home Saturday evening with his first tattoo. From the clues below, can you find each friend's full name (one surname is Fair), the object he had tattooed, and where on his body he had it placed?

  1. Michael got tattooed by Toto before the friend who got the tattoo on his shoulder.
  2. The one who got his ankle tattooed got tattooed after John did.
  3. Rich and Devlin paid the same amount for their tattoos.
  4. Gabe's tattoo isn't on his biceps or forearm.
  5. Rich was the first of the five to be tattooed, followed immediately by Cassidy and then by the teen who got a tattoo on his chest; none of the three got the fierce shark or the football tattoo.
  6. Gabe, Devlin, and Malone all say they will get more tattoos.
  7. The one who got a tattoo on his biceps isn't the boy who got his girlfriend's initials in a heart or the one who got the ace of spades.
  8. Michael, who isn't Cassidy, didn't get his tattoo on his ankle.
  9. Toto worked on Devlin earlier in the evening than he did Billy's tattoo.
  10. John isn't the one who picked the fire-breathing dragon for his first tattoo.
  11. Neither Hammond nor Malone had his biceps tattooed.
  12. Hammond isn't the one who had his chosen artwork put on his shoulder.
  13. Malone isn't the friend who had Toto tattoo him with a football with his jersey number on it.
  14. Devlin told the friend who got his girlfriend's initials that he would be sorry when they broke up and would have to get another tattoo to cover the initials.

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