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Five friends double dare each other into getting tattoos in this easier Logic Problem.
April 22, 2002
By clue 5, Rich accepted the dare first, followed immediately by Cassidy and then by the teen who got a tattoo on his chest; since none of the three got the shark or football tattoos, the boys who did are the fourth and fifth to the other three. By clue 1, one of the boys who got the shark and football tattoos must have gotten it on his shoulder; while by clue 2, the other of the boys who got the shark and football tattoos got it on the ankle. Rich and Cassidy then got their tattoos on the biceps and forearm or vice versa. Since Michael didn't get tattooed on the shoulder (1) or ankle (8) and isn't Cassidy (8), Michael got a tattoo on his chest. Since Rich isn't Devlin (3), by clue 9, Billy must be one of the boys who got the shark and football tattoos. Since Gabe didn't get tattooed on the biceps or forearm (4), he also can't be Cassidy. John is Cassidy. Neither Rich (3), Gabe (6), nor Billy (9) is Devlin, so Michael is. By clue 7, the boy who got his biceps tattooed didn't get his girlfriend's initials or the ace of spades done; he got the dragon. He isn't John (10) and is thus Rich. By elimination, John got a tattoo on his forearm. Michael Devlin got the ace of spades and John Cassidy the initials (14). By clue 11, Rich is Fair. Malone got the shark and Hammond the football tattoo (13). By clue 6, Gabe is Hammond and Billy Malone. Gabe Hammond got the football on his ankle and Billy Malone the shark on his shoulder (12). The five friends got their first tattoos as follows:

  • Rich Fair, dragon on the biceps
  • John Cassidy, girlfriend's initials on the forearm
  • Michael Devlin, ace of spades on the chest
  • Billy Malone, shark on the shoulder
  • Gabe Hammond, football on the ankle

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