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Instructions for Word Search Puzzle

  • Puzzle Goal

    Find all the words and phrases in the official word list and circle them in the puzzle grid. Words always run in a straight line either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and run forwards and backwards; entries never wrap around the edges of the puzzle grid.

    Sometimes a word may also be part of another longer word, for example, WOOD and WOODEN may be on the list. Both words will appear separately in the grid; however, the solver will be given credit whether he/she finds the shorter word separately or as part of the longer word.

    The All/Remaining/Found radio buttons control what words are shown in the word list. Both All and Remaining list the words left for the solver to find. For an added challenge, the puzzle can be played in Found mode where the words left to find are not given.

  • Mouse Control

    • To score a word in the grid, press and hold the mouse on the start or end letter of the word selected, drag the mouse so that the entire word found is highlighted, and release the mouse. If the word is in the list and has not already been found, it will remain circled and the word list display will be adjusted appropriately.
    • Moving the mouse over a found word in the word list will highlight its circled location in the grid; words that are not yet circled in the grid will not be highlighted.

  • Buttons

    • The All/Remaining/Found radio buttons toggle which word lists are displayed. The word list area can show all words, only words that haven't been found, or only words that have been found.
    • Save records your progress. When you revisit this puzzle, your progress will be automatically loaded. Visit the help for more information.
    • Clear will restart the puzzle.
    • Reveal Answers will show all of the words in the puzzle. Words that were not found will be circled in a dark color, while the correctly entered words will be circled in a light color. Mouse over a word in the word list to reveal its location in the puzzle
    • << and >> scroll through the word list. These are available in the bar above the word list.
    • For printer-friendly versions of the Word Search Puzzle and Solution, click the link phrases under the Reveal Answers button.

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