All-Star Puzzles
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Instructions for Spot the Differences

  • Puzzle Goal

    Visually compare the two images and find all differences between the two.

  • Mouse Control

    Click on a difference in either image. If you correctly find a difference, a rectangle will appear around the differing part of the image.

  • Buttons

    • Hold to Reveal Answers can be used to view the solution; click and hold on this button to reveal all answers. Release this button to hide the answers -- this can be done repeatedly to help find missed differences.
    • Save records your progress. When you revisit this puzzle, your progress will be automatically loaded. Visit the help for more information.
    • Clear will restart the puzzle.

  • Zoomed/Larger Size

    The zoomed size shows the images 25% larger than normal. For all puzzles prior to #200 on April 16, 2007, the images are simply scaled to produce the zoomed size; therefore, they may appear more grainy than the original.

    Switching between the smaller and larger size takes you to a new page, so save your progress first.

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