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Instructions for Match Quiz

  • Puzzle Goal

    Connect each entry in the left column with the the matching entry in the right column.

    Click "Check Answers" to see how many you have answered correctly. You can change answers and rescore as many times as you want. Using the Lock button allows matches of which you are sure to remain fixed when the Clear Unlocked button is pushed.

  • Mouse Control

    Click on an entry in either the left or the right column to place the selection (gray) on that entry. Click on the entry in the column opposite the selection to match the two entries as follows: if you are positive your match is correct, Right-Click on the matching entry to Lock it; a Left-Click on the matching entry will leave it Unlocked. When the Clear Unlocked button is pushed, Unlocked matches will be deleted. An earlier match can be Locked later by clicking either of the matching entries and then clicking the "Lock Selected" button; similarly, a Locked match can be Unlocked by clicking either entry and clicking the "Unlock Selected" button.

  • Keyboard Control

    • 'L' toggles the locked status of the currently selected clue. See the help on the "Un/Locked Selected" button for more information.
    • Space clears the assignment for the currently selected clue.

    Note that after clicking one of the buttons below the puzzle (Save, Clear, Clear Unlocked, Un/Lock Selected, or Check Answers), you must click on the puzzle before using the keyboard controls.

  • Buttons

    • Save records your progress. When you revisit this puzzle, your progress will be automatically loaded. Visit the help for more information.
    • Clear restarts the puzzle.
    • Clear Unlocked clears matches that have not been Locked.
    • Un/Lock Selected toggles the "Locked" status of the currently selected clue. A Locked selection cannot be changed unless it is first Unlocked, and it is not cleared when you click on "Clear Unlocked." It is, however, cleared when you click the "Clear" button.
    • Check Answers displays the number of correct matches. When all are correct, the puzzle is completed and a star will appear. If all of your selected answers are correct, then they will all be locked as well.

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