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"Kitchen Catastrophes"
Master chef Ramsay Gordon's cooking show is a popular fixture on WSUM-TV.
November 14, 2008
By clue 9, neither the "Kitchen Catastrophes" episode featuring Chef Nick's restaurant nor the one at Casa Grande was shown Friday. In clues 1 and 7, then, the three episodes in each clue must have been shown Monday-Thursday in some order, with the Casa Grande show on Wednesday and Chef Nick's program on Thursday (by clue 9 they are two different shows) or vice versa. If the show in which Ramsay Gordon fixes the Casa Grande were on Wednesday and the one about Chef Nick's restaurant then on Thursday, by clue 7, the show with Chef George would have been on Monday evening and the one featuring the Daytona Beach restaurant on Tuesday. By clue 1, then, since Chef George isn't the one cooking at the Tomato Palace (4), the Tomato Palace would have been the featured restaurant on Tuesday's show and the Greensboro establishment on Wednesday's. By clue 5, Ramsay Gordon's adventure at Big Tuna's would have been shown on Thursday and the Phoenix restaurant's travails on Friday. However, there is no way for clue 2 to work given this arrangement. Therefore, the fix of the Casa Grande was the topic of Thursday's show; and Ramsay Gordon's work with Chef Nick was shown Wednesday. By clue 1, the Tomato Palace episode was Monday's and the Greensboro restaurant's adventure was Tuesday's program. By clue 7, then, since Chef George isn't the one cooking at the Tomato Palace (4), Chef George's restaurant is in Greensboro and Chef Nick's is in Daytona Beach. By clue 5, Chef Nick owns Big Tuna's; and Casa Grande is in Phoenix. Since the chef at the Phoenix restaurant isn't Chef Inez (8), by clue 2, Chef Inez has the Tomato Palace and Chef George has Ikaros. By elimination, Friday's episode of "Kitchen Catastrophes" takes place at the Khyber Pass--which is in Sacramento, with the Tomato Palace in Trenton (3). Finally, by clue 6, the Khyber Pass owner is Chef Alexis, with Chef Edgar at Casa Grande. In sum, last week's "Kitchen Catastrophes" were shown as follows:

  • Mon. -- Tomato Palace in Trenton, Chef Inez
  • Tue. -- Ikaros in Greensboro, Chef George
  • Wed. -- Big Tuna's in Daytona Beach, Chef Nick
  • Thu. -- Casa Grande in Phoenix, Chef Edgar
  • Fri. -- Khyber Pass in Sacramento, Chef Alexis

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