"Kitchen Catastrophes"
Master chef Ramsay Gordon's cooking show is a popular fixture on WSUM-TV.
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Last week, "Kitchen Catastrophes," chef Ramsay Gordon's fix-it cooking show on WSUM-TV, featured five different American restaurants in dire need of the master's magic touch. Each evening Monday-Friday, an episode of the program chronicled the noted chef's efforts to help the owner/chef, one being Chef Alexis, of a different restaurant in a different U. S. city bring his or her establishment back from the brink of bankruptcy and closing. Given the clues below, can you recover last week's schedule for "Kitchen Catastrophes": the restaurant, its location, and the chef helped in each episode M-F?

  1. The episode featuring the Tomato Palace was on earlier in the week than the show set in Greensboro, which was televised earlier in the week than the program in which Ramsay Gordon helps Chef Nick make a comeback.
  2. The day after the episode in which Chef Inez appears, the program featuring Ikaros was shown.
  3. The Khyber Pass isn't the Trenton, N. J., restaurant made over by Ramsay Gordon in one of last week's adventures.
  4. Chef George isn't the owner of the Tomato Palace.
  5. Big Tuna's was featured the day before the Phoenix restaurant was.
  6. The establishment in Sacramento isn't the one owned by Chef Edgar.
  7. The episode costarring Chef George was shown earlier in the week than the program set in Daytona Beach, which was televised earlier in the week than the program in which Ramsay Gordon remakes Casa Grande.
  8. Chef Inez's restaurant isn't located in Phoenix.
  9. Neither Casa Grande nor Chef Nick's establishment was the subject of Friday's "Kitchen Catastrophes."