Knights of Salta
Queen Bea dubs five new Sirs.
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Queen Bea of Salta recently dubbed five citizens of the Caribbean island country as Knights of Salta. Each of the five is world-famous for his achievements in a field of endeavor and deserves his new title. Given the clues below, can you find each new sir's full name and how he gained his international fame to become a Knight of Salta.

  1. Sir Robert, Carver, and the soccer player all live on the beautiful island of Salta when not abroad pursuing their careers.
  2. Sir Thomas Plant isn't the one of the five knighted for his bestselling horror novels.
  3. Neither Beckham nor Majors is the Saltan knighted for his high tech inventions.
  4. Neither Carver nor Ford is the newly-dubbed Sir William.
  5. Sir John was knighted for his worldwide philanthropy.
  6. Carver isn't the famous novelist.
  7. Beckham isn't the man honored for his Oscar-winning acting.
  8. Sir George was knighted following the inventor at the ceremony.
  9. Sir Robert, Ford, and the novelist are all married, so their wives are now officially Ladies.