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Photography Awards
Five photogs win for best feature photo.
October 3, 2008
By clue 3, the photographer for the American won one place higher than Kevin, who won one place higher than the photographer of "Halloween Howl"; while by clue 6, Mary finished one place ahead of Emerson, who was awarded one place higher than the photog of "Kite Krash." There must be some overlap between the two clues. Since Mary didn't take "Halloween Howl" (clue 10), the only possible overlaps between the clues are that the American photographer in clue 3 is either Emerson or took "Kite Krash." If Emerson were the American photographer, combining clues 3 and 6, Mary would have been judged one place higher than American employee Emerson, who would have finished one place higher than Kevin with "Kite Krash," which would have been placed one position higher than "Halloween Howl." By clue 9, Naomi would be Emerson, Kevin would be the Times photographer, and Broome would have taken "Halloween Howl." However, there is no way for clue 7 to work given this arrangement. Therefore, the American photographer isn't Emerson and took "Kite Krash." Combining clues 3 and 6, then, in order 1st-5th the Pheelies went to Mary, Emerson, the American photog who took "Kite Krash," Kevin, and the "Halloween Howl" photographer. By clue 9, Naomi is the American photog, Kevin is with the Times, and Broome took "Halloween Howl." Naomi isn't Donnelly (4) or Castle (8) and is Alvarez. Emerson didn't take "Frosh Free-for-All" (1) or "Gnu Newborn" (7) and took "Watery Wedding." Emerson isn't Lisa (5) and is Jason; Broome is Lisa. Mary took "Gnu Newborn" (7) and Kevin "Frosh Free-for-All." By clue 4, Mary is Castle and Kevin Donnelly. Neither Lisa (5) nor Jason (7) works for the Sentinel, so Mary does. By clue 2, Jason is on the News staff; and Lisa is with the Beacon. In sum, this year's Pheelie Award winners are

  • 1st -- Mary Castle, Sentinel, "Gnu Newborn"
  • 2nd -- Jason Emerson, News, "Watery Wedding"
  • 3rd -- Naomi Alvarez, American, "Kite Krash"
  • 4th -- Kevin Donnelly, Times, "Frosh Free-for-All"
  • 5th -- Lisa Broome, Beacon, "Halloween Howl"

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