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The Wedding Party
The Jett wedding party enjoys the post-nuptials reception.
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September 26, 2008
Last Saturday, after the marriage of Heather Maxwell and Jeffrey Jett, a wedding reception was held in their honor at the Summerset Inn. The Jetts and their wedding party--maid of honor, best man, five bridesmaids, and five ushers--sat at the head table with the bride and groom in the center, the maid of honor and best man seated to the immediate right of the newlyweds, two bridesmaid-usher pairs to the right of the maid of honor and best man, and three bridesmaid-usher pairs to the left of the new Mr. & Mrs. Jett. Given the clues below, can you find the first (one woman attendant was Faith and one man was Ian) and last (one male attendant was Mr. Urban) names of the newlyweds' wedding party and where each pair sat at the head table as seen left-to-right by the guests?

  1. Beth and her escort sat between and next to groom's attendant Liam and his partner and bride's attendant Miss Rice and hers.
  2. Mr. Witt was one of the ushers.
  3. Cher and her escort sat to the immediate left of Miss Paisley and hers.
  4. Dawn's escort wasn't Liam.
  5. Erica and her partner sat between bride's attendant Alice and hers and groomsman Mr. Witt and his.
  6. Miss Rice was a bridesmaid.
  7. Miss Mays's escort wasn't groomsman Mr. Shaw.
  8. Miss Paisley, who isn't Beth, wasn't paired with Mr. Young.
  9. Greg and his bride's attendant partner sat to the immediate right of Miss Oates, who isn't Cher, and her escort.
  10. Mr. Vaughan and his wedding partner sat to the immediate left of Heath and his.
  11. Miss Niven and her escort sat to the immediate right of the bride's attendant paired with Mr. Young.
  12. Alice, who isn't attendant Miss Queen, and the bride's attendant escorted by Mr. Timmons tied tin cans to the newlyweds' car.
  13. Groomsman John and his partner were seated to the immediate right of Mr. Shaw and his.
  14. Kyle didn't escort Erica at the wedding and reception.

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