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Furniture Sales
A big sale helps clear the store floor.
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September 19, 2008
Yesterday, Friendly Furniture had a one-day sale of floor merchandise at 60% off. Each of the store's five salespeople, including Bill, sold one item off the floor, with each piece of furniture selling for a different price and the five sales totaling $10,000. Given the data below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding each salesperson's full name (one last name is Broyhill), the item he or she sold during the sale, and how much the piece of furniture cost the customer?

  1. Jenna, who isn't Stickley, didn't sell the nightstand.
  2. The piece Moore sold cost half as much as the coffee table another salesperson sold.
  3. Stickley's sale brought in $500 more than the item sold by Rick, whose sale was for $1,000 more than the painting one customer bought.
  4. The salesperson who sold the sideboard didn't have the day's biggest sale.
  5. Jenna's sale item cost twice as much money as the piece of furniture Harris sold.
  6. Stickley sale to one customer wasn't the coffee table.
  7. Salesperson Drexel and the person who sold the loveseat have been with Friendly Furniture since it opened.
  8. Cynthia, whose sale item didn't have the lowest price, isn't the one who sold a customer the sideboard.
  9. Fred, who didn't sell the painting, and Harris had their first sales of the week yesterday.
  10. The lowest-priced item sold for $1,000.

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