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Grandma's Pride and Joy
Janet Dough's five grandchildren achieve baby "firsts."
September 12, 2008
By clue 1, Janet Dough's five children are Alex, Cheryl, Heather's parent, and the parents of the babies who sat up and had solid food for the first time. By clue 6, Janet's sons all have girls, so her daughters Cheryl and Erin must be the mothers of Gareth and Ian. By clue 4, Erin's baby son isn't the grandchild who had a first taste of solid food; so in clue 1, since Erin can't be Heather's parent (clue 6), Erin's son sat up by himself for the first time. He is then Gareth (3), with Ian Cheryl's baby boy. By clue 6, neither Alex's daughter nor Heather spoke her first word, so Ian did. Alex's daughter crawled, and Heather took her first step (5). By clue 2, Jada ate her first solid food and is Bobby's little girl. By elimination, Heather's father is David; and Alex's daughter is Kendra. In sum, Janet's five grandchildren accomplished firsts as follows:

  • Alex's daughter Kendra crawled for the first time
  • Bobby's daughter Jada ate her first solid food
  • Cheryl's son Ian said "Mama"
  • David's daughter Heather took her first step
  • Erin's son Gareth sat up by himself for the first time

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