Grandma's Pride and Joy
Janet Dough's five grandchildren achieve baby "firsts."
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Last week Janet Dough got phone calls from each of her five children (daughters Cheryl and Erin and sons Alex, Bobby, and David) each telling her about one of her five grandchildren (girls Heather, Jada, and Kendra and boys Gareth and Ian) achieving a different babyhood "first." Given the clues below, can you find which of Janet's children is mother or father to each grandchild and the "first" milestone the baby reached last week?

  1. Janet Dough's five children are Alex, Cheryl, Heather's parent, and the parents whose children sat up alone and ate solid food for the first time.
  2. Jada, who isn't David's child, isn't the baby who crawled for the first time.
  3. Ian isn't the baby who sat up for the first time.
  4. Erin's child isn't the one who ate solid food for the first time.
  5. Alex's baby isn't the grandchild who took a first step.
  6. All three of Janet's sons have daughters, none of whom is the grandchild who said "Mama" as a first word.