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Dressed for Success
Kyle Keyboard's work wardrobe comes under spousal scrutiny.
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September 5, 2008
Last Friday when her husband arrived home from work, Katie Keyboard took one look at his attire and remarked, "No wonder you never get offered a management position!" Kyle took exception, of course, saying, "It's dress-down day!" To which Katie replied, "Yeah, and so were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!" So the two reviewed Kyle's work wardrobe for the week and found that each day M-F he had accompanied a different t-shirt--one featuring Homer Simpson--with a different kind of pants-like clothing. From the clues below, can you determine what Kyle wore each day and decide whether or not he is dressed for success?

  1. Kyle wore an NYPD t-shirt one day and a pair of corduroys--which he did not pair with the Chicago Cubs t-shirt--the next.
  2. The Bermuda shorts Kyle wore one day--not Tuesday--weren't what he paired with the NYPD or the Ron Jon surf shop t-shirt.
  3. One day after he wore a ZZ Top t-shirt, which wasn't on Monday, Kyle donned a pair of gray sweatpants for work.
  4. On three consecutive days first-to-last, Kyle wore blue jeans, a Chicago Cubs t-shirt, and a track suit.

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