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To the Lighthouses
Sam Siteseer visits the beautiful lighthouses of the Inner Banks.
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August 29, 2008
Last Saturday, while vacationing on the Inner Banks, Sam Siteseer went on a picture-taking odyssey of the area's five lighthouses, including the 1812 Saint Catherine's Light. Each of the lighthouses is on a different one of the Inner Banks' five islands, with one on Outer Island. Sam started his journey on the northernmost island and drove south, visiting the other four in turn and crossing a bridge to get from one island to the next. Given the clues below, can you map Sam's trip to the lighthouses: the order in which he visited them 1st-5th, the island on which each light is located, and the bridge he crossed to go from one island to the next?

  1. After visiting the lighthouse on Seal Island, Sam immediately crossed the Romeo River Bridge to the island where he toured the Cape Louis Light.
  2. Sam crossed from Pilgrim Island to the next island south via the Indian Inlet Bridge.
  3. In going directly from the lighthouse on Long Island to the Lovelady Light, Sam drove over the humpbacked Schooner Sound Bridge.
  4. The drive over Blackbeard Bay Bridge took Sam directly from the Grace Harbor Light to the lighthouse on Barren Island.
  5. The Montawk Light is on neither Barren nor Long Island.

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