The Terrors set a new speed record in MDA play.
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In their last Major Dodgeball Association match against the Magic, the Terrors set a new Association record for shortest time eliminating an opposing team during a round. The five Magic players, including Killer, fell to the fastball throws of the Terrors 1-2-3-4-5 in one minute, 12 seconds. Given the clues below, can you find the 1st-5th order in which the Magic were eliminated, where each player was hit by a Terror throw, and the Terror dodgeballer throwing the strike?

  1. Hips was eliminated earlier in the round than the Magic dodgeballer struck on the head; the latter player went out earlier than his teammate struck by Crusher's throw.
  2. The Magic player hit in the leg, who wasn't Smash, was taken out by Terror player Easy.
  3. Lucky's hit on a Magic dodgeballer wasn't in the opponent's back.
  4. Ace's elimination wasn't at Rocket's hands.
  5. These Magic players were eliminated in order first-to-last (not necessarily consecutively): Smash, the one hit on the arm, and the player who couldn't dodge Whizzer's hard throw.
  6. The Magic player hit on the foot during the round wasn't Ace.
  7. Bullet was knocked out earlier in the round than the Magic dodgeballer who was struck in the back; the latter was ousted earler than his teammate taken out by Rocket.