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Second Honeymoons
Five couples have second honeymoons in the Poconos cottages where they enjoyed their first honeymoons.
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July 14, 2008
This week, Mr. & Mrs. Allman and four other couples are second-honeymooning at the Tie the Knot Lodge, with each couple staying in the same cottage in which they honeymooned when they first got married, including one couple in the garishly red-and-pink Valentine Cottage. Each of the couples, including Michelle and her husband, is also celebrating a wedding anniversary, with no two couples having been wed the same number of years. Given the clues below, can you find each second honeymoon couple's full names, the cottage in which they are celebrating, and the number of years they have been husband-and-wife?

  1. The couples have been married from a high of 50 years to a low of 15 years; the couple married the shortest time aren't Karen and her spouse.
  2. Mr. & Mrs. Epstein have been married twice as long as Will and his wife; neither is the couple second-honeymooning in the Bridal Veil Cottage.
  3. Steve and Mr. Bronson enjoy a daily round of golf together while their wives play tennis.
  4. For Leah Dixon and her husband, it is their first return to Tie the Knot Lodge since their original honeymoon.
  5. Rick and his wife have been wed 10 years longer than the Chandlers.
  6. Jasmine and her spouse have been husband-and-wife twice as long as the couple staying in the Rose Cottage.
  7. Nina and her mate have been married 10 years longer than Paul and his wife and 20 years longer than the couple second-honeymooning in Cupid's Cottage.
  8. Ted and his wife have been wed 10 fewer years than the couple who are staying in True Love Cottage; the latter are not Mr. & Mrs. Bronson.
  9. Will and his wife aren't lodging in Cupid's Cottage or in Rose Cottage.
  10. The couple staying in Bridal Veil Cottage is neither Jasmine and her husband nor Nina and her spouse.

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