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Carnival Games
The Barton brothers win plush cartoon characters at the carnival.
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June 9, 2008
Saturday at the Fernwood Firemen's Annual Carnival, the five Barton brothers not only enjoyed the thrill rides and games but also liked trying their luck and skills at the games on the carnival midway. As it turned out, each boy won at a different one of five games, which were in five adjacent tents along the midway. As a prize, each Barton boy picked a different large stuffed cartoon character. Given the following clues, can you line up the games left-to-right as seen from the midway and decide which boy won which prize at each?

  1. Whack-a-Weasel wasn't in the rightmost tent of the five.
  2. One boy won a prize playing Duck Derby in the tent next to the ones where Rob and the Barton boy who took home SpongeBob SquarePants were winners.
  3. The boy who won a plush Wile E. Coyote, who isn't Quinn, didn't win playing HotShot.
  4. Sean and Troy told their brother who picked Bart Simpson as his prize that it was no surprise since he is just like the TV "star."
  5. One brother won playing HotShot in the tent next to the ones where his siblings Quinn and the boy who won a stuffed Nemo, who isn't Will, won their prizes.
  6. The game which Sean won was immediately adjacent to the gamee where another Barton boy won at Skitterball.
  7. Shrek wasn't Quinn's prize choice.
  8. The brother who took home Bart Simpson won at the game situated adjacent to 3-Point Line, where another boy won his plush prize.
  9. The game which Will won was immediately next to the game where one of his brothers won a stuffed Shrek.

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