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Musical Theater Stars
Drama students star in summer musical theater roles.
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May 26, 2008
This summer, each of Chelsea and four friends who are majoring in drama at Summerset State will sing the leading role in a local musical production, with one actress portraying Velma Kelly in Chicago. From the clues that follow, you should be able to solve for each young actress's full name, the part she will sing this summer, and the venue where the musical work is playing.

  1. The drama student working at the Pantheon, which isn't the venue offering West Side Story this summer, is neither Ms. Hart nor Ms. Sondheim.
  2. The young singer playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast, who is neither Heather nor Julia, and the drama student in the Barrymore Center production are suitemates at Summerset State.
  3. Ashley and Ms. Arlen once did a Summerset State production of Hamlet together.
  4. Heather and Ms. Bernstein have never done any professional musical theater before appearing in their upcoming productions.
  5. Kate isn't the woman portraying Maria in West Side Story.
  6. The one appearing at the Take-a-Bow Dinner Theater isn't Ms. Hart.
  7. Julia, who isn't Ms. Bernstein, isn't the young actress with the role in the Prairie Playhouse musical.
  8. Ms. Sondheim, who isn't Kate, isn't the actress with the part in the Take-a-Bow Dinner Theater production nor the one whose summer musical acting experience is being gained at the Prairie Playhouse.
  9. The budding actress working this summer at the Sagamore Arts Guild isn't playing Sandy in Grease.
  10. Kate, who isn't the one performing at the Pantheon, and Ms. Hart attend the Larry Oliver Acting Workshop in addition to their drama studies at Summerset State.
  11. Ms. Webber, who isn't playing Maria in West Side Story, isn't appearing at either the Prairie Playhouse or the Sagamore Arts Guild.
  12. The five young actresses are Kate, Ms. Arlen, the one in the Take-a-Bow Dinner Theater production, the young lady playing Sandy in Grease, and the one with the Sally Bowles role in Cabaret.

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