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Oyl Energy Is a Buy
Investors try to ride the petroleum price boom by placing orders to buy Oyl Energy stock.
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May 12, 2008
Last Friday morning when broker Scott Short-Sellers answered the first five calls from clients, each of the five different investors who called placed an order for a different number of shares of Oyl Energy stock. Can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding each investor's full name, the number of Oyl shares he or she purchased, and the order 1st-5th in which the orders were placed?

  1. Ben and fellow investor Buffett are Short-Sellers' newest clients.
  2. Helen purchased twice as many shares as investor Ellison, whose order wasn't the last of the five on Friday.
  3. Investor Schwab, who isn't Michael, bought 3,000 shares of Oyl stock.
  4. Investor Gates placed a purchase order earlier in the morning than Cynthias did; Gates bought 1,500 fewer shares than Cynthia.
  5. Icahn's order was placed earlier than Ben's was.
  6. Michael placed his order immediately after the Buffett; Michael bought 2,500 fewer shares than Buffett did.
  7. Jack placed his order immediately before investor Icahn did; Icahn bought 1,250 more shares of Oyl Energy than Jack did.
  8. Two of the orders were 250 shares apart in number purchased; all other number of shares purchased differed by more than 250.

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