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Dewey, Cheatham, Ouida, Munney, & Howe
Attorneys swap offices in a weekend move.
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May 5, 2008
Over the weekend, the five partners in the Summerset firm of Dewey, Cheatham, Ouida, Munney, & Howe made their annual office move per their original operating agreement: each year, the five attorneys swap floors in their five-story building so that across time all will share in the benefits and the disadvantages of each floor 1-5. Given the clues that follow, can you find the full name and type of law in which each specializes (one practices Property Law), the floor he or she occupied for the last year, and the floor he or she now has in the firm's building?

  1. The most any of the five moved up or down in the firm's spaces is two floors.
  2. Tony moved to a higher floor during the move.
  3. Erica and Cheatham are the most senior firm partners.
  4. Jeff moved down two floors in the move, with Alex moving up in the building to Jeff's former office.
  5. Chad and the Criminal Law specialist are both graduates of the Holmes School of Law.
  6. Alex, who isn't Dewey, didn't have the 2nd floor office before the shuffle.
  7. Howe, who isn't the Tax Law specialist, moved up one floor in the weekend move.
  8. The attorney who practices Corporate Law now occupies the office Munney had before the latest move.
  9. Cheatham moved down two floors into the office the partner who specializes in Civil Law moved out of.
  10. The five partners are Erica, Dewey, the attorney who practices Tax Law, the partner whose office was on the 1st floor before the move, and the partner whose office is now on the 1st floor.

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