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Substitute Teachers
Who subbed for the six absent teachers last Friday?
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April 14, 2008
Last Friday, Osgood and five other teachers at Summerset Elementary were absent from duty for various reasons, and each was replaced for the day by a substitute teacher. Each of the six teaches a different class, either kindergarten or 1st-5th grade, at the school. From the duty roster below, can you find the full names of each class's teacher and Friday substitute teacher?

  1. The six teachers who were absent at Summerset Elementary last Friday are Brad, Carol, West, the 2nd grade teacher, the teacher for whom Donna subbed, and the teacher for whom Newman subbed.
  2. Erin substituted for Heidi.
  3. Kate and Yost, who substituted in 3rd grade, are retired teachers.
  4. Alex, who isn't Newman, subbed for Jennifer, who isn't West.
  5. The grade Rivers teaches isn't 2nd.
  6. The six substitutes are Kate, Linda, Updike, the sub who worked in place of the kindergarten teacher, the person who subbed for Greg, and teacher Villa's sub.
  7. Turney subbed for Potts, but not in the 4th grade.
  8. Quaid, who isn't Donna, taught in place of the absent Faith.
  9. Brad, who isn't the 1st grade teacher, isn't the one who got Sperry as a substitute.
  10. Kate didn't sub for West, who isn't the kindergarten teacher.
  11. Linda's subtitute work wasn't in 4th grade.
  12. Ian, who isn't Updike, subbed for Moses last Friday.

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