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Prize-Winning Tulips
The most glorious tulips of them all win the annual garden contest.
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April 7, 2008
Last week, Faith and five other tulip growers won the 1st-6th prizes in the Summerset Garden Club's annual Tulip Festival Contest. Each of the six entered a different variety of the popular spring flower in the event and was pleased her efforts were recognized among the 300 entries judged. Given the clues below, can you find the 1st-6th order of the Tulip Festival Contest: the full name of each prize winner and the variety of tulip she grew for the event?

  1. Erin's tulips were judged one place higher than Ms. Knight's, whose tulips were judged one place higher than the Flaming Parrot tulips
  2. Ms. Post's tulip choice wasn't the Indian Summer variety.
  3. Ms. Lord and the woman who entered the Pink Impression tulips, who isn't Grace, finished in the top 6 for the first time.
  4. Ms. Oates grew neither the Flaming Parrot nor the Red Emperor prize-winning tulips.
  5. Helen's tulips were judged one place higher than Ms. Post's tulips, which were judged one place higher than the Red Emperor tulips.
  6. Ingrid, who isn't Ms. Nix, isn't the prize winner who grew the American Dream tulips.
  7. Joanne's finish in the top 6 wasn't in 2nd place.
  8. Grace's tulips placed one position ahead of Ms. Oates' flowers, which finished one place ahead of the Indian Summer tulips.
  9. Helen, Ms. Knight, and Ms. Nix also had entries in the club's annual Daffodil Contest.
  10. Erin and Ms. Post are Summerset Garden Club officers.
  11. The American Dream tulips were judged one place higher than Ms. Mills' entry.
  12. The prize-winning Big Chief tulips weren't entered by Ms. Nix.

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