All-Star Puzzles
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All-Stars Baseball Cards
All-Star players cards fill one page of a collector's album.
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March 31, 2008
As the 2008 season opened last week, Billy Ball completed his collection of 2007 Continental League baseball cards and put them in his closet for safekeeping. As part of preparing the album, Billy placed cards for the league's nine 2007 All-Stars, including one of the catcher, in the front page of the book, with the card for each player going into one of the slots of the 3 row by 3 column plastic sheet. Given the clues below, can you meet the Logic Puzzle challenge of determining the layout of the cards on the All-Stars page: which of the nine positions each All-Star plays, his full name, and the Continental League team for which he plays (each is on a different team, with one player on the Pioneers)?

  1. The Gamblers player isn't the All-Star third baseman or right fielder.
  2. The card of the Crows player is between those of Price and the shortstop in one row of the page.
  3. Chuck and Mike, neither of whom plays for the Knights, are Continental League All-Stars for the first time, while Ferris is an All-Star for the second time.
  4. The Mudcats player's card is to the immediate right of Rich Owens' card in the All-Star sheet.
  5. All-Star Drake's card is to the immediate right of All-Star Green's.
  6. Kurt's baseball card is directly above that of the Bays star on the page.
  7. Neither Jeff nor Mike plays shortstop.
  8. The Rovers player's card is directly above that of All-Star Ellis.
  9. Alex is the Continental League 2007 All-Star pitcher.
  10. All-Star West's card is between those of Mike and the third baseman in one row.
  11. Price's position on the team isn't first base.
  12. The card of the All-Star right fielder, who isn't Mike, is directly above that of All-Star Ferris, who doesn't play for the Crows.
  13. In one row, the Lynx player's card is to the right of that of the second baseman, who isn't All-Star Trout.
  14. Steve doesn't play for either the Knights or the Mudcats.
  15. Bobby's card is in the same row as that of the All-Star center fielder, who isn't on the Bays.
  16. In one row, Chuck's card is between those of the first baseman and the Gamblers player.
  17. Nick's and the Saints player's cards are in the same page row.
  18. In one column, All-Star Long's card is directly above Jeff's card, which is directly above the Knights player's card.
  19. Green isn't the All-Star team's left fielder.
  20. Ferris plays neither first base nor third base.

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