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Spring Ice Fling
Local Lita's Water Ice franchises open with a spring giveaway.
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March 24, 2008
Last Thursday, the five metro area Lita's Water Ice stores, including the one in Sunnyvale, opened their 2008 seasons with free ice for all customers. Each franchise, including the one owned by Barnes, gave away a different number of free cups. Given the clues below, can you determine where each store is located, the full name of its owner, and how many free water ices its customers enjoyed on the first day of spring 2008?

  1. The five stores gave away a total of 7,500 water ices, with the fewest number given away by any store being 500 cups.
  2. The store Marie owns gave away 500 more ices than the Westport franchise and 1,000 more than the store owned by Ecker.
  3. The owner of the newest metro area store, in Brookline, was grateful for the advice of veteran franchisees Archer and Draper about the big day.
  4. The Lakeview store gave away twice as many cups as the store owned by Nick, who isn't Draper.
  5. The Marymount franchise gave away 500 more ices than Lana's store did.
  6. Kevin's store isn't the one in Brookline.
  7. Marie and Cassidy teamed to place an ad for opening day on local TV.
  8. Lita's owners John and Ecker, who doesn't have the Marymount location, are on the chain's national board of advisors.
  9. Lana's and Archer's franchises and the store in Westport all also gave away coupons to customers for money off future Lita's purchases.

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