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Mixed-Up BEARS
Big Bend Bears fans support their team in the basketball playoffs.
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March 10, 2008
Friday night in the quarterfinals of the state basketball tournament, five students at Big Bend High showed their support for their team in its home game against the Ocean City Swordfish by making bright yellow sweatshirts each of which had one big red letter of the school's nickname emblazoned on it. The five girls, one of whom is the Stuart girl, started the game spelling B-E-A-R-S left-to-right as seen from the visitors side of the court; but by the time the game ended in the excitement of double overtime with a 71-70 Big Ben win, each of the five fans had moved from her original seat to another of the five positions. From the clues below, can you find the left-to-right (1st-5th) order in which the five teens, and the letters BEARS, ended up the game?

  1. Dina and the Palmer girl play on the Big Bend girls hoops team.
  2. During the excitement of the game, Erin shifted two positions to the right from where she started.
  3. Alicia's letter wasn't the E.
  4. When the game ended, Cher was seated with Alicia and the Palmer teen next to her.
  5. The Rivera girl moved one seat to the left during the action, ending up next to the Trent girl.
  6. When the final whistle blew, Dina ended up sitting between the Quinn girl and the teen who wore the B sweatshirt to support the Bears.
  7. Brooke ended up one position to the right of where she was sitting when the contest started.

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