The County Council Votes
The Summerset County Council votes on six bills of importance to residents.
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Last week, the five-member Summerset County Council, including council member Cohen, voted on six major bills, with one proposing to establish a county sales tax. Given the minutes of the meeting below, can you determine the vote on each bill--the YES/NO total by which it passed or failed and the vote of each council member on it?

  1. Five of the bills are the one passed by the council to build a central library for Summerset County, the one that passed unanimously 5-0, the one that was defeated by a 3-2 vote, one that was one of the two bills on which Ian voted YES, and the one that Bailey proposed and thus voted YES on.
  2. Council members Gina and Dickey cast the same vote (either both YES or both NO) on five of the six bills.
  3. Only John and council member Earhart voted for the proposed ban on smoking in county parks.
  4. The vote on the bill to raise the county height restriction on buildings from 10 to 15 stories was not a unanimous one.
  5. Helen, who isn't Dickey, and council member Angelico both voted YES on bills hiring a new police chief and approving the 2008-2009 school budget.
  6. Kathy voted NO on naming the new police chief.
  7. No two of the six bills received the same number of YES votes, and no two Summerset County Council members cast the same number of YES votes.