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Join the friendly blue ogre as he searches for his lost love.
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February 25, 2008
In the family film favorite Drek, the friendly ogre sets off on a heroic quest to rescue his one true love, Lady Leona, from the dastardly Duke Rong. During the movie, Drek has a series of adventures, in each of which he meets a fairy tale character who helps by giving him an item to use on his search--one giving him a gold coin. Each encounter occurs at a different landmark in the Duchy. Given the clues below, can you script the order 1st-5th in which Drek's quest unfolds: the helpful item he gets from each character and where he meets the character on his journey?

  1. Drek doesn't get King Uther's blade from Little Red Riding Hood.
  2. The friendly ogre doesn't acquire the healing herb at the Black Bridge.
  3. The character Drek meets in the Vale of Tears, which isn't where he acquires King Uther's blade, isn't Rumplestiltskin.
  4. Pinocchio, who isn't the character Drek meets on Malady Moor, isn't the one who gives the cloak of silence to the ogre.
  5. Drek's encounter with Rumplestiltskin is earlier in the movie than his trek through the Fretful Forest, which is earlier than the adventure in which he gets King Uther's blade.
  6. The hero's meeting with Puss in Boots is neither at the Black Bridge nor in the Vale of Tears.
  7. Immediately after getting the magic pear from one character, Drek meets another character on Malady Moor.
  8. The item the ogre acquires in the Fretful Forest isn't the cloak of silence.
  9. Immediately after getting help from a character at Chatting Cross, Drek encounters Sleeping Beauty, who wakens and assists him.
  10. In consecutive order first-to-last, Drek has these three adventures: he meets Little Red Riding Hood, he crosses the Black Bridge, and he gets the cloak of silence from one of the fairy tale characters.

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