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Hannah Idaho Concert Merchandise
Five young fans bring home mementoes of their favorite's performance.
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January 21, 2008
Last week, Miles Stewart took his daughter Robin and four of her friends, including the Martinez girl, to see Hannah Idaho in concert at the Summerset Hippodrome. After the performance, Mr. Stewart bought each of the girls a different item of Hannah Idaho merchandise, buying one an autographed photo of the teen star. Each memento cost a different sum, with Mr. Stewart spending a total of $400 on the five items. Given the clues below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Puzzle by finding each girl's full name, the memento she took home from the Hannah Idaho concert, and how much the item cost Mr. Stewart?

  1. The item costing the most, $120, isn't the jacket.
  2. Mr. Stewart spent twice as much for his daughter's merchandise as he did for the sweatshirt, which Margot didn't pick.
  3. Lily and the Oken girl both wore their hair exactly like Hannah Idaho does.
  4. The jacket cost Mr. Stewart more than the DVD did.
  5. Sarah's memento cost twice as much as the Truscott girl's did.
  6. Mr. Stewart paid $60 more for the bracelet than he did for the item Margot took home.
  7. Amber's merchandise cost $20 more than the item the Addison girl picked, which isn't the sweatshirt.

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