The Dog Show
Which entry won best in show at the 2008 Kew Dog Show?
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At this year's Kew Dog Show, five dogs of different breeds, including a Papillon, were judged 1st-5th in the best-of-show finale. Each dog is owned by a different show dog enthusiast. Given the clues below, can you judge the 1st-5th place results of this year's event: each dog's name and breed and the full name of the entrant's owner (one first name is Thomas)?

  1. Sunflower Miss finished one place ahead of the English Springer Spaniel in the judging.
  2. Dreyer's entry isn't Winter Song.
  3. The Rough Collie placed immediately ahead of Laddie o' the Loch in the competition.
  4. William's entry finished higher than Audubon's.
  5. Richard's dog isn't the veteran Ivory Joe.
  6. Prince Albert placed immediately ahead of Vicki's dog in the best-of-show finale.
  7. Sunflower Miss, which isn't a Kerry Blue Terrier, isn't Chatsworth's prize dog.
  8. Samantha's entry and the Newfoundland, which isn't English's dog, are previous Kew Dog Show best-in-show winners.
  9. In the judging, Ivory Joe was awarded one place higher than Dreyer's dog.
  10. The Kerry Blue Terrier was placed higher in the judging than the dog owned by Bates, who isn't Richard.
  11. Neither Laddie o' the Loch nor Prince Albert is the English Springer Spaniel.
  12. Winter Song finished one place behind Chatsworth's dog in the contest.