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Mutual Fund Buys
Five Bentley Bros. clients spread their risk by buying mutual funds.
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January 7, 2008
Last Friday, Webber and four other of broker Bill Bailey's clients at Bentley Bros. purchased shares in the USofA mutual fund family. Each of the five, including Lorelei, invested in a different fund concentrating on a different market sector, with each buying a different number of shares of the fund. Given the sales data below, you should be able to find each investor's full name, the mutual fund and sector in which he or she invested, and the number of shares purchased.

  1. Janet didn't invest in the tax-free bonds fund.
  2. Mark bought twice as many shares as the investor who bought the USofA Guardsman fund.
  3. Nate didn't buy the fund concentrating on growth stocks.
  4. The person who bought the international fund bought half as many shares as Kevin did; Kevin's investment wasn't in the Freedom fund.
  5. The investor who purchased the tax-free bonds fund bought 1,250 fewer shares than Goldman purchased.
  6. Janet bought 3,750 more shares than Sachs, who didn't buy the Guardsman fund shares.
  7. Neither Lynch, who isn't the one who acquired Alert fund shares, nor Mason is the investor in the insurance fund.
  8. The investor who purchased the USofA Sentinel fund bought 3,750 more shares than the person who invested in the growth fund.
  9. Goldman isn't the investor who bought the Royal fund, which isn't the one concentrating in tax-free bonds.
  10. Both the energy fund and the Sentinel fund finished 2007 with share price gains.
  11. The number of shares bought ranged from 2,500 to 7,500.

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