Home for the Holidays
The Jingelbell daughters bring their families home for the holidays.
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The Jingelbell family home in Fallcreek will be full this festive season: all five Jingelbell daughters, their husbands, and their children will be home for the holidays. Each couple, including Mr. & Mrs. Davies, will be arriving from a distant U. S. city--one from Miami--and will help fill the Fallcreek home with a different number, 1-5, of children. Given the clues below, can you find each couple's full names (one husband is Steve), the city in which they live, and the number of children they are bringing Home for the Holidays?

  1. The five Jingelbell daughters are Jodie, the one whose husband is named Rob, Mrs. Conners, the one who lives in Las Vegas, and the daughter with 5 children.
  2. Mrs. Conners, who isn't Jasmine, and her family aren't the ones coming from San Diego.
  3. Jill and her husband Tom, who aren't the Bensons, were home for the holidays last year.
  4. The Jingelbell daughter who is married to Phil has one more child than Mrs. English and her husband, who aren't the couple with 4 children.
  5. Juliet and her husband Mike had their first and only child in October of this year.
  6. The Bensons have one more child than the couple who live in Phoenix.
  7. Mr. & Mrs. Adams have one more child than the couple who live in Dallas.
  8. Jenny isn't the daughter whose married name is English.
  9. The Jingelbell daughter married to Rob isn't the one who has 2 children
  10. Neither Jenny nor Jodie is the one whose husband is Phil.