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The Circus Comes to Town
Elephants lead the Bungling Bros., Blarney & Bailout, Blackstone, Big Top, and Bundlestuff Circus parade.
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December 10, 2007
Last summer when the circus came to town, five elephants led the parade down Main Street. Each of the elephants carried a different circus star on its back, with lion tamer Gunnar Gabble riding one elephant. Each of the elephants also carried a banner with one of the five parts of the circus name on it. Even though the elephants were to march in order according to the name--Bungling Bros., Blarney & Bailout, Blackstone, Big Top, and Bundlestuff, 1st-5th--they ended up moving in mixed-up order. Given the clues that follow, can you determine the order 1st-5th in which the elephants paraded down Main Street: the elephant's name, the circus star that rode the elephant, and the part of the circus name the elephant carried on its back?

  1. Rani isn't the elephant which circus strongman Ajax Jones rode.
  2. In consecutive order first-to-last, Majarish paraded down Main Street, followed immediately by the elephant ridden by Kuku the Klown and then by the elephant carrying the Blackstone banner.
  3. The banner carried by Bill was neither the Big Top nor Bundlestuff one.
  4. The elephant ridden by circus legend Thelma Thumb was followed immediately by Taj.
  5. Sarita was earlier in the parade order than the elephant wearing the Blarney & Bailout banner; the latter was followed immediately down Main Street by the elephant carrying Ajax Jones.
  6. Trapeze artist Flying Finnerty rode neither Majarish nor the elephant carrying the Blackstone banner.
  7. The elephant riiden by Thelma Thumb isn't the one that had the Bundlestuff banner on its back.
  8. The elephant carrying the Blarney & Bailout banner, which wasn't Taj, didn't carry Kuku the Klown during the poarade.

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