Black Friday Buys
Five friends get started on their Christmas shopping for each other.
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Five friends braved the mayhem of Black Friday to begin their Christmas shopping. At their first stop at 4:10 a.m. in Philene's Basement, each of the five found a gift for one of the others, with one girl buying a purse for her friend. Given the sales results below, can you solve this Challenger Logic Problem: how much each shopper spent on the gift she bought and which of her friends will be getting the gift for Christmas?

  1. The five spent $210 among them, with the least any of the five spent on her gift being $25.
  2. Cerise spent twice as much on the item she bought as the girl who purchased a scarf did.
  3. Erin isn't the one who bought a necklace as a gift.
  4. The gloves aren't the gift Ally will be getting.
  5. The necklace cost $15 more than the gift Beth bought, which cost $5 more than the belt one girl selected.
  6. Dina spent twice as much on the item she bought as the girl who bought a gift for Beth did.
  7. The gloves one girl bought cost less than the gift another bought for Erin but did not cost the least of the five purchases.