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Fright Masks
Fright masks make Halloween a deliciously scary fun event.
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October 29, 2007
To get ready for Halloween, four friends visited the Cool Ghoul store at Summerset Mall, where each bought a scary mask to wear. Each boy picked a mask of a different famous frightener to buy, and each mask cost a different amount of money. Can you solve this scary Logic Puzzle by finding the mask each chose and how much it cost?

  1. Luke isn't the one who picked the Leatherface mask.
  2. The Gollum mask cost half as much as the mask Chris picked.
  3. The Freddy Krueger mask cost $32.00 more than the one Alex purchased.
  4. Sean's mask cost $16.00 more than the Pennywise mask.
  5. Of the four boys, Alex spent the least amount for his mask.
  6. The most expensive mask cost $64.00; the boys paid a total of $160.00 for the four masks.

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