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Soccer Salesgirls
Cozy Valley Kicks players cover team travel expenses by selling pizzas.
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October 8, 2007
To raise funds for team travel expenses, players on the Cozy Valley Kicks 8-9 girls soccer team sold Vincenza's Oven-Ready Pizzas. Among them, Mia and the four other top fundraisers, each of whom plays a different position on the Kicks, sold a total of 250 pizzas. From the clues below, you should be able to find each girl's full name, the position she plays for the team, and the number of pizzas she sold during the fundraiser.

  1. Hannah sold more pizzas than the Will girl, who sold 10 more Vicenza's Oven-Ready Pizzas than the girl who is a Kicks midfielder.
  2. Emily sold 15 more pizzas than the Thomas girl, who sold 10 more than the girl who plays sweeper.
  3. Alexis's father bought eight and the Charles girl's father bought seven pizzas to help their daughters.
  4. Samantha, the goalie, and the striker all worked together selling pizzas in their Cozy Valley neighborhood.
  5. The Bryant girl isn't the one who is the Kicks high-scoring striker.
  6. Samantha sold more pizzas than the Charles girl, who sold 15 more pizzas than the top-five salesgirl who plays defender.
  7. Emily and the Lawrence girl are the two newest members of the team.

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